Data Object - HostListSummary

Property of
HostConnectInfo, HostSystem
See also
CustomFieldValue, HostConfigSummary, HostHardwareSummary, HostListSummaryQuickStats, HostRuntimeInfo, HostSystem, ManagedEntityStatus

Data Object Description

This data object type encapsulates a typical set of host information that is useful for list views and summary pages.

VirtualCenter can retrieve this information very efficiently, even for a large set of hosts.


Name Type Description
configHostConfigSummary Basic configuration information, if known.
customValue*CustomFieldValue[] The customized field values.
hardware*HostHardwareSummary Basic hardware information, if known.
to a HostSystem
The reference to the host-managed object.
overallStatusManagedEntityStatus The overall alarm status of the host.
quickStatsHostListSummaryQuickStats Basic host statistics.
rebootRequiredxsd:boolean Indicates whether or not the host requires a reboot due to a configuration change.
runtime*HostRuntimeInfo Basic runtime information, if known.
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