Data Object - HostVirtualNic

Property of
HostNetworkInfo, HostVMotionNetConfig
See also
HostPortGroupPort, HostVirtualNicSpec

Data Object Description

This data object type describes a virtual network adapter representing an adapter that connects to a virtual switch. A VirtualNic differs from a PhysicalNic in that the latter corresponds to a physical device that is connected to the physical network. The former is a virtual device that is connected to a virtual switch. A VirtualNic accesses the external network through a virtual switch that is bridged through a PhysicalNic to a physical network.


Name Type Description
devicexsd:string Device name.
keyxsd:string The linkable identifier.
port*HostPortGroupPort The port on the port group that the virtual network adapter is using when it is enabled.
portgroupxsd:string Name of port group to which virtual nic is connected.
specHostVirtualNicSpec The configurable properties for the virtual network adapter object.
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