Data Object - HostVirtualSwitch

Property of
HostNetworkInfo, HostPortGroup
See also
HostPortGroup, HostVirtualSwitchSpec, PhysicalNic

Data Object Description

The virtual switch is a software entity to which multiple virtual network adapters can connect to create a virtual network. It can also be bridged to a physical network.


Name Type Description
keyxsd:string The virtual switch key.
namexsd:string The name of the virtual switch. Maximum length is 32 characters.
numPortsxsd:int The number of ports that this virtual switch currently has.
numPortsAvailablexsd:int The number of ports that are available on this virtual switch. There are a number of networking services that utilize a port on the virtual switch and are not accounted for in the Port array of a PortGroup. For example, each physical NIC attached to a virtual switch consumes one port. This property should be used when attempting to implement admission control for new services attaching to virtual switches.
pnic*PhysicalNic[] The set of physical network adapters associated with this bridge.
portgroup*HostPortGroup[] The list of port groups configured for this virtual switch.
specHostVirtualSwitchSpec The specification of a PortGroup.
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