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The VMFS file system.


Name Type Description
blockSizeMbxsd:int Block size of VMFS. Determines maximum file size. The maximum number of blocks is typically fixed with each specific version of VMFS. To increase the maximum size of of a VMFS file, increase the block size.

The minimum block size is 1MB.

extentHostScsiDiskPartition[] The list of partition names that comprise this disk's VMFS extents.
majorVersionxsd:int Major version number of VMFS.
maxBlocksxsd:int Maximum number of blocks. Determines maximum file size along with blockSize. See information about the blockSize.

In VMFS2, this number is 466,944. In VMFS3, this number is 786,432.

uuidxsd:string The universally unique identifier assigned to VMFS.
versionxsd:string Version string. Contains major and minor version numbers.
vmfsUpgradablexsd:boolean Can the filesystem be upgraded to a newer version.
See UpgradeVmfs
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