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DatastoreOption, GuestOsDescriptor, VirtualDevice, VirtualHardwareOption, VirtualMachineCapability

Data Object Description

This configuration data object type contains information about the execution environment for a virtual machine. This includes information about which features are supported, such as: VirtualCenter can provide a broader environment than any single physical host. This is a departure from traditional virtualization approaches, which rely on the host system to define the environment for virtual machines. This data object describes environment capabilities and is used by VirtualCenter to choose hosts on which to run virtual machines.


Name Type Description
capabilitiesVirtualMachineCapability Capabilities supported by a virtual machine.
datastoreDatastoreOption The datastore options for this virtual machine.
defaultDevice*VirtualDevice[] The list of virtual devices that are created on a virtual machine by default. Clients should not create these devices.
descriptionxsd:string A description string for this configOption.
guestOSDefaultIndexxsd:int Index into guestOsDescriptor array denoting the default guest operating system.
guestOSDescriptorGuestOsDescriptor[] List of supported guest operating systems. The choice of guest operating system may limit the set of valid devices. For example, you cannot select Vmxnet with all guest operating systems.
hardwareOptionsVirtualHardwareOption Processor, memory, and virtual device options for a virtual machine.
versionxsd:string The version corresponding to this configOption.
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