Data Object - VirtualMachineFlagInfo

Property of
VirtualMachineConfigInfo, VirtualMachineConfigSpec

Data Object Description

The FlagInfo data object type encapsulates the flag settings for a virtual machine. These properties are optional since the same structure is used to change the values during an edit or create operation.


Name Type Description
disableAcceleration*xsd:boolean Flag to turn off video acceleration for a virtual machine console window.
enableLogging*xsd:boolean Flag to enable logging for a virtual machine.
htSharing*xsd:string Specifies how the VCPUs of a virtual machine are allowed to share physical cores on a hyperthreaded system. Two VCPUs are "sharing" a core if they are both running on logical CPUs of the core at the same time.
See VirtualMachineHtSharing
runWithDebugInfo*xsd:boolean Flag to specify whether or not to run in debug mode.
useToe*xsd:boolean Flag to specify whether or not to use TOE (TCP/IP Offloading).
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