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GuestDiskInfo, GuestNicInfo, GuestScreenInfo, VirtualMachineToolsStatus

Data Object Description

Information about the guest operating system.

Most of this information is collected by VMware Tools. In general, be sure you have VMware Tools installed and that the virtual machine is running when you access this information.


Name Type Description
disk*GuestDiskInfo[] Guest information about disks, if known.
guestFamily*xsd:string Guest operating system family, if known.
guestFullName*xsd:string Guest operating system full name, if known.
guestId*xsd:string Guest operating system identifier (short name), if known.
guestStatexsd:string Operation mode of guest operating system. One of:
  • "running" - Guest is running normally.
  • "shuttingdown" - Guest has a pending shutdown command.
  • "resetting" - Guest has a pending reset command.
  • "standby" - Guest has a pending standby command.
  • "notrunning" - Guest is not running.
  • "unknown" - Guest information is not available.
hostName*xsd:string Hostname of the guest operating system, if known.
ipAddress*xsd:string Primary IP address assigned to the guest operating system, if known.
net*GuestNicInfo[] Guest information about network adapters, if known.
screen*GuestScreenInfo Guest screen resolution info, if known.
toolsStatus*VirtualMachineToolsStatus Current status of VMware Tools in the guest operating system, if known.
toolsVersion*xsd:string Current version of VMware Tools, if known.
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