Data Object - VirtualMachineConfigSummary

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A subset of virtual machine configuration.


Name Type Description
annotation*xsd:string Description for the virtual machine.
cpuReservation*xsd:int Configured CPU reservation in MHz
guestFullName*xsd:string Guest operating system name configured on the virtual machine.
guestId*xsd:string Guest operating system identifier (short name).
memoryReservation*xsd:int Configured Memory reservation in MB
memorySizeMB*xsd:int Memory size of the virtual machine, in megabytes.
namexsd:string Name of the virtual machine.
numCpu*xsd:int Number of processors in the virtual machine.
numEthernetCards*xsd:int Number of virtual network adapters.
numVirtualDisks*xsd:int Number of virtual disks attached to the virtual machine.
templatexsd:boolean Flag to determine whether or not this virtual machine is a template.
uuid*xsd:string Virtual machine BIOS identification.
vmPathNamexsd:string Path name to the configuration file for the virtual machine
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