Data Object - VirtualMachineTargetInfo

Extended by
VirtualMachineCdromInfo, VirtualMachineDatastoreInfo, VirtualMachineDiskDeviceInfo, VirtualMachineFloppyInfo, VirtualMachineNetworkInfo, VirtualMachineParallelInfo, VirtualMachineScsiPassthroughInfo, VirtualMachineSerialInfo

Data Object Description

The TargetInfo specified a value that can be used in the device backings to connect the virtual machine to a physical (or logical) host device.


Name Type Description
configurationTag*xsd:string[] List of configurations that this device is available for. This is only filled out if more than one configuration is requested.
namexsd:string The identification of the endpoint on the host. The format of this depends on the kind of virtual device this endpoints is used for. For example, for a VirtualEthernetCard this would be a networkname, and for a VirtualCDROM it would be a device name.
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