Data Object - VirtualDeviceConfigSpec

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VirtualDevice, VirtualDeviceConfigSpecFileOperation, VirtualDeviceConfigSpecOperation

Data Object Description

The VirtualDeviceSpec data object type encapsulates change specifications for an individual virtual device. The virtual device being added or modified must be fully specified.


Name Type Description
deviceVirtualDevice Device specification, with all necessary properties set.
fileOperation*VirtualDeviceConfigSpecFileOperation Type of operation being performed on the backing of the specified virtual device. If no file operation is specified in the VirtualDeviceSpec, then any backing filenames in the VirtualDevice must refer to files that already exist. The "replace" and "delete" values for this property are only applicable to virtual disk backing files.
operation*VirtualDeviceConfigSpecOperation Type of operation being performed on the specified virtual device. If no operation is specified, the spec. is ignored.
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