Data Object - VirtualDiskRawDiskMappingVer1BackingInfo


Data Object Description

The VirtualDisk.RawDiskMappingVer1BackingInfo data object type contains information about backing a virtual disk using a raw device mapping. Supported for ESX Server 2.5 and 3.x.


Name Type Description
compatibilityMode*xsd:string Raw device mappings support a compatibility mode of "virtual" or "physical". In "virtual" compatibility mode, the disk can use the disk modes described in the diskMode field. In "physical" compatibility mode, the disk modes are ignored; commands are passed directly to the backing LUN.

The compatibility mode must be specified when an Raw Disk map is created. However, once created, this property cannot be changed.

deviceName*xsd:string The host-specific device the LUN is being accessed through. If the target LUN is not available on the host then it is empty. For example, this could happen if it has accidentally been masked out.
diskMode*xsd:string The disk mode. Valid values are:
  • persistent
  • independent_persistent
  • independent_nonpersistent
  • nonpersistent
  • undoable
  • append

Disk modes are only supported when the raw disk mapping is using the "virtual" compatibility mode.

lunUuid*xsd:string Unique identifier of the LUN this RDM is hooked up to.
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