Data Object - VirtualDiskRawDiskMappingVer1BackingOption

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Data Object Description

The VirtualDiskOption.RawDiskMappingVer1BackingOption object type contains the available options when backing a virtual disk using a raw device mapping on ESX Server 2.5 and greater.


Name Type Description
compatibilityModeChoiceOption The supported raw disk mapping compatibility modes. Valid modes are "virtual" and "physical". In the "virtual" mode, the disk can use the disk modes described in the diskMode field. In "physical" compatibility mode, the disk modes are ignored and commands are passed straight through to the LUN.
descriptorFileNameExtensions*ChoiceOption Valid extensions for the filename of the optional raw device mapping descriptor file. This is present only for ESX Server 3.x and greater hosts.
diskModeChoiceOption The disk mode. Valid values are:
  • persistent
  • independent_persistent
  • independent_nonpersistent
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