Data Object - VirtualEthernetCard

Extended by
VirtualE1000, VirtualPCNet32, VirtualVmxnet

Data Object Description

This data object type contains the properties of an Ethernet adapter attached to a virtual machine.


Name Type Description
addressType*xsd:string MAC address type.

Valid values for address type are:
Statically assigned MAC address.
Automatically generated MAC address.
MAC address assigned by VirtualCenter.

macAddress*xsd:string MAC address assigned to the virtual network adapter. Clients can set this property to any of the allowed address types. The server might override the specified value for "Generated" or "Assigned" if it does not fall in the right ranges or is determined to be a duplicate.
wakeOnLanEnabled*xsd:boolean Indicates whether wake-on-LAN is enabled on this virtual network adapter. Clients can set this property to selectively enable or disable wake-on-LAN.
Properties inherited from VirtualDevice
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