Data Object - VirtualEthernetCardOption

Extended by
VirtualE1000Option, VirtualPCNet32Option, VirtualVmxnetOption
See also
BoolOption, ChoiceOption

Data Object Description

This data object type contains the options for the virtual ethernet card data object type.


Name Type Description
macTypeChoiceOption The supported MAC address types.
supportedOUIChoiceOption The valid Organizational Unique Identifiers (OUIs) supported by this virtual Ethernet card.
Supported OUIs for statically assigned MAC addresses:
wakeOnLanEnabledBoolOption Flag to indicate whether or not wake-on-LAN is settable on this device.
Properties inherited from VirtualDeviceOption
autoAssignController, backingOption, connectOption, controllerType, defaultBackingOptionIndex, deprecated, licensingLimit, plugAndPlay, type
Properties inherited from DynamicData
dynamicProperty, dynamicType

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