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MissingObject, ObjectUpdate, PropertyFilter

Data Object Description

The FilterUpdate data object type contains a list of updates to data visible through a specific filter. Note that if a property changes through multiple filters, then a client receives an update for each filter.


Name Type Description
to a PropertyFilter
Filter that was updated.
missingSet*MissingObject[] Objects that could not be found on the server, but were specified in the FilterSpec.objectSet[].obj properties of the filter spec. Missing objects are only reported once. In other words, this field will only be populated for objects that were determined to be missing since the data version passed to waitForUpdates or checkForUpdates, and will not contain objects that were missing prior to that data version. If the data version passed to waitForUpdates or checkForUpdates were the initial data version (i.e. an empty string) then missingSet will contain all of the objects specified in the FilterSpec.objectSet[].obj that are missing.
objectSet*ObjectUpdate[] Set of changes to object properties in the filter.
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