Management Agent Counters

Performance counters are modeled using the PerfCounterInfo data object type. Each instance of a PerfCounterInfo data object contains metadata about a specific metric available from the system. The managementAgent group of performance counters supports metrics that track consumption of resources by the various management agents (hostd, vpxd, and so on) running on the system.

Counter StatsType Unit Levels RollupTypes Labels      Entity
memUsed absolutekiloBytes3averageMemory Used (Average) οοο
Amount of total configured memory that is available for use.
swapUsed absolutekiloBytes3averageMemory Swap Used (Average) οοο
Sum of the memory swapped by all powered-on virtual machines on the host.
swapIn ratekiloBytesPerSecond3averageMemory Swap In (Average) οοο
Amount of memory that is swapped in for the Service Console.
swapOut ratekiloBytesPerSecond3averageMemory Swap Out (Average) οοο
Amount of memory that is swapped out for the Service Console.