Data Object - DVSNameArrayUplinkPortPolicy

vSphere API 4.0

Data Object Description

The uplink port policy that specifies an array of uniform names for the uplink ports across the hosts. The size of the array indicates the number of uplink ports that will be created for each host in the switch.

When the names in this array changes, the uplink ports on all the hosts will automatically be renamed accordingly. Increasing the number of names in the array will automatically create additional uplink ports bearing the added name on each host. Decreasing the number of name will automatically delete the unused uplink ports on each host. Decreasing beyond the number of unused uplink port will raise a fault.

This policy will override the portgroup's port naming format, if both are defined and the uplink ports are created in a uplink portgroup.


Name Type Description

The uniform name of uplink ports on each host.
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