Data Object - PerfCounterInfo

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QueryPerfCounter, QueryPerfCounterByLevel
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ElementDescription, PerfStatsType, PerfSummaryType

Data Object Description

This data object type contains metadata for a performance counter. See PerformanceManager for definitions of available counters.


Name Type Description
associatedCounterId*xsd:int[]Deprecated. As of VI API 2.5, this property is not used.

The counter IDs associated with the same performance counter name for the same device type. For example, the rollup types for CPU Usage for a host are average, minimum, and maximum. Therefore, their counter IDs are associated.

The group of the performance counter with its label and summary details. Counter groups include "cpu," "mem," "net," "disk," "system," "rescpu," and "clusterServices," for example.

A system-generated number that uniquely identifies the counter in the context of the system. The performance counter ID.

Minimum level at which metrics of this type will be collected by VirtualCenter Server. The value for this property for any performance counter is a number from 1 to 4. The higher the setting, the more data is collected by VirtualCenter Server. The default setting for VirtualCenter Server is 1, which collects the minimal amount of performance data that is typically useful to administrators and developers alike. The specific level of each counter is documented in the respective counter-documentation pages, by group:

Since VI API 2.5

The name of the counter with label and summary details. For example, the counter with name "usage" for the "cpu" group of performance counters.

The counter type. Valid values include average, maximum, minimum, latest, summation, or none. This determines the type of statistical values that are returned for the counter. None means that the counter is never rolled up.

Statistics type for the counter. Valid values include absolute, delta, or rate.

The unit for the values of the performance counter with its label and summary details. See PerformanceManagerUnit for a description of the valid values.
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