Data Object - ClusterDrsConfigInfo

Property of
ClusterConfigInfo, ClusterConfigInfoEx, ClusterConfigSpec, ClusterConfigSpecEx
See also
DrsBehavior, OptionValue

Data Object Description

Configuration of the VMware DRS service.

All fields are defined as optional. In case of a reconfiguration, unset fields are not changed.


Name Type Description

Specifies the default VMware DRS behavior for virtual machines. This default behavior can be overridden on a per virtual machine basis using the ClusterDrsVmConfigInfo object.

Flag indicating whether or not the service is enabled.

Flag that dictates whether the per-VM Drs Behavior overrides set using the object ClusterDrsVmConfigInfo are enabled. When this flag is false, the value set using the defaultVmBehavior property of this object (@link DrsConfigInfo), applies to all VMs, except special VMs such as Fault Tolerance VMs. When this flag is true, the cluster default value may be overridden. The default value is true.

Since vSphere API 4.0

Advanced settings.

DRS generates only those recommendations that are above the specified rating. Ratings vary from 1 to 5. This setting applies to manual, partiallyAutomated, and fullyAutomated (@link DrsBehavior) DRS clusters.
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