Data Object - HostVirtualNic

Property of
HostNetworkInfo, HostVMotionNetConfig, VirtualNicManagerNetConfig
See also
HostPortGroupPort, HostVirtualNicSpec

Data Object Description

This data object type describes a virtual network adapter representing an adapter that connects to a virtual switch. A VirtualNic differs from a PhysicalNic in that the latter corresponds to a physical device that is connected to the physical network. The former is a virtual device that is connected to a virtual switch. A VirtualNic accesses the external network through a virtual switch that is bridged through a PhysicalNic to a physical network.


Name Type Description

Device name.

The linkable identifier.

The port on the port group that the virtual network adapter is using when it is enabled.

If the vnic is connecting to a vSwitch, this property is the name of portgroup connected. If the vnic is connecting to a DistributedVirtualSwitch, this property is an empty string.

The configurable properties for the virtual network adapter object.
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