Data Object - VAppCloneSpec

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Datastore, Folder, HostSystem, KeyValue, ResourceConfigSpec, VAppCloneSpecNetworkMappingPair
vSphere API 4.0

Data Object Description

Specification for a vApp cloning operation.


Name Type Description
host* PManagedObjectReference
to a HostSystem

The target host for the virtual machines. This is often not a required parameter. If not specified, the behavior is as follows:
  • If the target pool represents a stand-alone host, that host is used.
  • If the target pool represents a DRS-enabled cluster, a host selected by DRS is used.
  • If the target pool represents a cluster without DRS enabled or a DRS-enabled cluster in manual mode, an InvalidArgument exception is thrown.

location PManagedObjectReference
to a Datastore

Location where the destination vApp must be stored

Network mappings. See NetworkMappingPair.

A set of property values to override.

The resource configuration for the vApp.
vmFolder* PManagedObjectReference
to a Folder

The VM Folder to associate the vApp with
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