VMware vSphere Web Services SDK 4.0 Release Notes

Last updated:   18-Mar-2009

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Resolved Issues

This release of the vSphere Web Services SDK resolves the following issues from previous releases:

API Issues

The following API issues have been resolved.

SearchIndex FindByDnsName Operation Is No Longer Case-Sensitive
Domain names should resolve to IP addresses in a case-insensitive manner. However, the FindByDnsName operation (of SearchIndex managed object is case sensitive and must match the name of the server identically, in terms of upper- and lower-case letters.If you search using the IP address rather than the FQDN (fully-qualified domain name) for the server, do not prefix single- or double-digit IP address fields with zeros (0). For example, enter the IP address as (not

VirtualDiskManager Managed Object Type Not Supported on VirtualCenter Server
VirtualCenter Server does not support the VirtualDiskManager managed object type. VirtualDiskManager is supported on ESX/ESXi version 3.5 systems.

CIM or SMASH Issues

The ESX Server 3i CIM Object Manager (CIMOM) or one of its sub-systems had several known issues, most of which were related to power operations. The resolved issues include:

  • Host Power Operations Not Supported for Hosts that are Nodes in a DRS (Distributed Resource Management) Cluster
    The CIM Provider (a subsystem of the CIMOM) does not correctly handle RequestPowerStateChange() operations when the HostSystem is part of a DRS cluster.
  • Host Power Operations Cannot Always Handle Suspending Virtual Machine
    When suspending a virtual machine prior to powering off a HostSystem, the virtual machine cannot respond to prompts.
  • VMware_PowerManagementService.RequestPowerStateChange() Starts Host in Maintenance Mode
    The VMware implementation of CIM_PowerManagementService.RequestPowerStateChange() currently always starts or restarts the host in maintenance mode. In addition, after a reboot, any virtual machines on the host that were running are in a suspended state.
  • Changes to Permissions (Add, Delete) Can Take Up to 20 Minutes to Propagate to CIM Client
    Adding or deleting permissions can take as long as 20 minutes (1200 seconds) to become visible to CIM clients via VICimProvider.

WSDL Issue

ESX Server WSDL Differs from the WSDL Available in the VI SDK
Unlike the WSDL provided with the SDK, the ESX Server (hostd) WSDL does not define the UnexpectedFault fault type. However, this fault is not thrown by any operations in ESX Server 3i, ESX Server 3.5, or VirtualCenter 2.5, but is defined for possible use in future releases. Also, the ESX Server WSDL defines an internal operation, LoginExtension, which is not supported on ESX Server 3.5.
However, neither of these minor differences has any impact on your development projects or on your ability to run existing code or samples. You can safely disregard this issue.

Performance Statistics Issue

Incorrect Value Returned for Missing Statistics
When performance statistics are not available for a time interval, their value is returned as -1. This might happen due to a failure in statistics collection (for example, if hostd is down, or VirtualCenter is not able to collect statistics). Also, the relevant statistic might not be applicable during the time period (for example, if the virtual machine is not powered on, or the virtual machine’s network adapter is disabled).