Data Object - ProfileExecuteResult

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HostConfigSpec, ProfileDeferredPolicyOptionParameter, ProfileExecuteError
vSphere API 4.0

Data Object Description

Class describing the result of the Execute operation.


Name Type Description

configSpec will be valid only if status == success

List of errors that were encountered during execute. This field will be set if status is set to error.

List of paths that are not applicable for this execute. e.g: If the precheck policies do not pass on a PortGroup, PortGroup will not be created. The user can ignore this subtree. This might be used the UI to not show the particular part of the tree.

List of paths that still need user Input. This can be used by the UI to highlight the particular fields. In future this could be used to ask the user for input in multiple rounds instead of filling up the whole input at once. Here is an illustration: In the first pass, the user just fills up bare minimum inputs needed. Once that data is sent to the server, the server evaluates the Profile and might decide to invalidate a particular part of the subtree or enable a new subtree in the profile. Which would result in a new set of invalidPaths and requireInput propertyPaths. The caller (UI) can keep calling the function in multiple steps till success. If there are values that are filled in in the previous iteration, they will be returned in requireInput[].param.

Status of the execute operation Will be one of the enumerations in #Status
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