Data Object - VirtualSerialPortURIBackingInfo

vSphere API 4.1

Data Object Description

The VirtualSerialPortURIBackingInfo data object specifies network backing for a VirtualSerialPort. You can use URI backing to create a network serial port on the virtual machine, supporting connections between the virtual machine and remote systems.

When a virtual machine establishes a connection with a remote system on the network, the virtual machine can act as a server or a client. When the virtual machine acts as a server, it accepts a connection. When the virtual machine acts as a client, it initiates the connection.

You can configure the virtual serial port for communication through a virtual serial port concentrator that acts as a proxy between the virtual machine and the network. When you specify a proxyURI, the virtual machine initiates the connection with the concentrator and forwards the direction and serviceURI to the concentrator. For information about using a virtual serial port concentrator, see Using a Proxy with vSphere Virtual Serial Ports.

ESX hosts support different protocols depending on your virtual serial port configuration.

For information about URI format, see RFC 2396.


Name Type Description
Properties inherited from VirtualDeviceURIBackingInfo
direction, proxyURI, serviceURI
Properties inherited from VirtualDeviceBackingInfo
Properties inherited from DynamicData
dynamicProperty, dynamicType

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