vSphere Web Services SDK 5.1 Release Notes

Released 10Sep2012

The vSphere Web Services SDK supports the development of vSphere client applications that use the vSphere API to manage virtual machines and other virtual infrastructure components (datacenters, datastores, networks, and so on).

Distribution Kit

The vSphere Web Services SDK is distributed as part of the vSphere Management SDK. The vSphere Management SDK is a collection of vSphere SDKs. When you extract the contents of the distribution kit, the vSphere WSSDK is contained in the SDK/vsphere-ws sub-directory:


New vSphere API Elements

For information about additions to the vSphere API (new managed object types, data object types, properties, and methods), see the vSphere API Reference. The main landing page for the vSphere API Reference contains links to this information in the section "What's New in vSphere API 5.1?".

Known Issues

  • ESXi Performance metadata is available only from vCenter Server. On an ESXi Server, the PerformanceManager defines a single performance interval that specifies rollup data collection every 5 minutes. This ESXi performance interval metadata is available from a vCenter Server in the PerformanceManager.historicalInterval list of PerfInterval objects. When you retrieve the historicalInterval property from an ESXi Server, the ESXi Server returns an empty property.
  • Delta disk format conversion to nativeFormat fails during Storage vMotion. If you have a linked clone that uses seSparseFormat or redoLogFormat for its delta disk format, you cannot use vMotion to convert to a native snapshot. To convert the delta disk format, use the following steps to perform a cold relocation:

    1. Power off the virtual machine clone.
    2. Set the delta disk format to nativeFormat (VirtualMachineRelocateSpec.disk.diskBackingInfo.deltaDiskFormat).
    3. Call the RelocateVM_Task method.
    4. Power on the virtual machine clone.
  • SCSI LUN queue depth is not available - the ESXi Server does not set the ScsiLun.queueDepth property. Modifications to this property will have no effect. Property retrieval will not produce a value.

Documentation Issues

  • The seSparse virtual disk type is intended for internal use only (VirtualDiskType.seSparse).
  • Performance counter documentation. The performance counter tables show the list of performance counters that are available. For some counters, the documentation is not complete.
  • As of vSphere 5.0, vSphere bulletins are not stored on ESXi hosts. As a consequence, the QueryHostPatch_Task method does not return any data about installed bulletins. To obtain information about installed patches, use the ESXCLI command "esxcli software vib list". This command returns the complete list of VIBs (vSphere Installation Bundles) installed on the host.

    To manipulate VIBs on ESXi hosts, use the following vSphere API method and ESXCLI commands:

    TaskMethod or Command
    Install a VIBHostPatchManager.InstallHostPatchV2_Task
    Uninstall a VIBesxcli software vib remove
    Retrieve a list of VIBsesxcli software vib list

  • The vSphere API Reference shows incorrect character case for host file system type values. The type values should be expressed in upper case. The following list shows the correct case for HostFileSystemVolume.type values.


  • VirtualMachine.CloneVM_Task method fails, producing the following error - "The specified delta disk format 'nativeFormat' is not supported." The vCenter Server returns the error in the following situation:

    1. Create a VAAI NAS native linked clone virtual machine that uses nativeFormat for the delta disk format (VirtualMachineCloneSpec.location.disk.diskBackingInfo.deltaDiskFormat).

    2. Create a second-level clone from the first clone, such that the disk for the second-level clone is on a different datastore. If you do not specify seSparseFormat or redoLogFormat for the second-level clone delta disk format, the clone operation will fail.

    Using a virtual machine clone with a native delta disk format, you must specify either seSparseFormat or redoLogFormat for any clones that you create from the original native clone when the second-level clone is on a different datastore.

  • Accuracy of VirtualDisk.capacityInKB property affected by mbralign tool - If you use the NetApp tool mbralign to align a virtual disk file (VMDK), the tool may produce a file, the size of which is not correctly represented by the vSphere API. If the disk size value is not evenly divisable by two, the Server rounds down the capacityInKB value.
  • SetTaskState method - fault parameter is required when setting task error state. If you specify an error state when you call the SetTaskState method, you must also specify the fault parameter in the calling sequence.


  • The vSphere Web Services SDK no longer provides libraries or samples based on the Axis Web Services toolkit. As of vSphere 5.1, the SDK provides libraries and samples based on the JAX-WS toolkit.

Deprecations Summary

Several properties and types defined for the API have been deprecated as of vSphere API 5.1. This table lists each deprecated API element and identifies the new feature that takes its place.

Name of deprecated type, method, or property As of vSphere API 5.1, use instead...
HostLocalAccountManager.AssignUserToGroup vSphere API 5.1, local user groups are not supported and group specific methods will throw NotSupported
HostLocalAccountManager.CreateGroupLocal user groups are not supported and group specific methods will throw the NotSupported fault.
HostLocalAccountManager.RemoveGroupLocal user groups are not supported and group specific methods will throw the NotSupported fault.
HostLocalAccountManager.UnassignUserFromGroupLocal user groups are not supported and group specific methods will throw the NotSupported fault.
VirtualApp.UpdateLinkedChildren vSphere API 5.1
VirtualMachine.StartRecording_TaskThis an experimental interface that is not intended for use in production code.
VirtualMachine.StartReplaying_TaskThis an experimental interface that is not intended for use in production code.
VirtualMachine.StopRecording_TaskThis an experimental interface that is not intended for use in production code.
VirtualMachine.StopReplaying_TaskThis an experimental interface that is not intended for use in production code.
Managed Object Properties
VirtualApp.childLinkDeprecated as of vSphere API 5.1.
Data Objects
ExtSolutionManagerInfoTabInfoDeprecated as of vSphere API 5.1.
OvfResourceMapDeprecated as of vSphere API 5.1.
VirtualAppLinkInfoDeprecated as of vSphere API 5.1.
Data Object Properties
ExtSolutionManagerInfo.tab vSphere API 5.1, see client documentation for the preferred way to integrate custom user interfaces
HostNicFailureCriteria.checkDuplexThis property is not supported.
HostNicFailureCriteria.checkErrorPercentThis property is not supported.
HostNicFailureCriteria.checkSpeedThis property is not supported.
HostNicFailureCriteria.fullDuplexThis property is not supported.
HostNicFailureCriteria.percentageThis property is not supported.
HostNicFailureCriteria.speedThis property is not supported.
HostNicTeamingPolicy.reversePolicyThe system default (true) will be used.
HostPosixAccountSpec.posixIdThis property is ignored.
HostPosixAccountSpec.shellAccessThis property is ignored. As of vSphere API 5.1, shell access is granted only to users with Administrator role on the root folder and no other non-Admin role on any other inventory objects
OvfCreateImportSpecParams.resourceMappingDeprecated as of vSphere API 5.1.
VAppEntityConfigInfo.destroyWithParentDeprecated as of vSphere API 5.1.
VirtualMachineImportSpec.resPoolEntityDeprecated as of vSphere API 5.1.


For information about the vSphere API, see the vSphere Web Services SDK Documentation.