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Interface Declarable

All Known Implementing Classes:
BridgeClient, BridgeLoader, BridgeWriter, ReflectionBasedAutoSerializer

public interface Declarable

An object that can be described in a declarative caching XML file.

Any user-defined object in the declarative caching xml file should implement this interface in order to be constructed.

For example, the user can declare a CacheLoader in a declarative XML file as follows:

          <parameter name="URL">

In this case, must implement both the CacheLoader and Declarable interfaces. The cache service will construct a object by invoking the loader's zero-argument constructor and then calling the init(java.util.Properties) method to pass in the parameters.

See package introduction.


Method Summary
 void init(Properties props)
          Initializes a user-defined object using the given properties.

Method Detail


void init(Properties props)
Initializes a user-defined object using the given properties. Note that any uncaught exception thrown by this method will cause the Cache initialization to fail.

props - Contains the parameters declared in the declarative xml file.
IllegalArgumentException - If one of the configuration options in props is illegal or malformed.

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