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Interface CustomExpiry<K,V>

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public interface CustomExpiry<K,V>
extends CacheCallback

This is the contract that a custom-expiry element must honor. It determines the expiration characteristics for a specific entry in a region.

Note that if you wish to refer to an implementation of this interface in XML, the implementation must also implement the Declarable interface.

Method Summary
 ExpirationAttributes getExpiry(Region.Entry<K,V> entry)
          Calculate the expiration for a given entry.
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Method Detail


ExpirationAttributes getExpiry(Region.Entry<K,V> entry)
Calculate the expiration for a given entry. Null indicates that the default for the region should be used.

entry - the entry to calculate the expiration for
the expiration to be used, null if the region's defaults should be used.

GemFire 6.6.3

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