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Interface FixedPartitionResolver<K,V>

All Superinterfaces:
CacheCallback, PartitionResolver<K,V>

public interface FixedPartitionResolver<K,V>
extends PartitionResolver<K,V>

Implementers of interface FixedPartitionResolver helps to achieve explicit mapping of a "user defined" partition to a data member node.

GemFire uses the partition name returned by getPartitionName(EntryOperation, Set) to determine on which member the data is being managed. Say, for example, you want to partition all Trades according to quarters. You can implement FixedPartitionResolver to get the name of the quarter based on the date given as part of EntryOperation.

public class QuarterPartitionResolver implements FixedPartitionResolver{
    public String getPartitionName(EntryOperation opDetails, Set allAvailablePartitions) {
    Date date = sdf.parse((String)opDetails.getKey());
    Calendar cal = Calendar.getInstance();
    int month = cal.get(Calendar.MONTH);
    if (month == 0 || month == 1 || month == 2) {
      return "Quarter1";
    else if (month == 3 || month == 4 || month == 5) {
      return "Quarter2";
    else if (month == 6 || month == 7 || month == 8) {
      return "Quarter3";
    else if (month == 9 || month == 10 || month == 11) {
      return "Quarter4";
    else {
      return "Invalid Quarter";

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Method Summary
 String getPartitionName(EntryOperation<K,V> opDetails, Set<String> targetPartitions)
          This method is used to get the name of the partition for the given entry operation.
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getName, getRoutingObject
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Method Detail


String getPartitionName(EntryOperation<K,V> opDetails,
                        Set<String> targetPartitions)
This method is used to get the name of the partition for the given entry operation.

opDetails - the details of the entry operation e.g. Region.get(Object)
targetPartitions - represents all the available primary partitions on the nodes
partition-name associated with node which allows mapping of given data to user defined partition

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