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com.gemstone.gemfire.cache Provides an implementation of distributed object caching that can leverage GemFire's distribution capabilities. 

Uses of InterestPolicy in com.gemstone.gemfire.cache

Fields in com.gemstone.gemfire.cache declared as InterestPolicy
static InterestPolicy InterestPolicy.ALL
          This subscriber is interested in all data.
static InterestPolicy InterestPolicy.CACHE_CONTENT
          This subscriber is interested in data that is already in its cache.
static InterestPolicy InterestPolicy.DEFAULT
          The interest policy used by default; it is CACHE_CONTENT.

Methods in com.gemstone.gemfire.cache that return InterestPolicy
static InterestPolicy InterestPolicy.fromOrdinal(byte ordinal)
          Return the InterestPolicy represented by specified ordinal
 InterestPolicy SubscriptionAttributes.getInterestPolicy()
          Returns the interest policy of this subscriber.

Constructors in com.gemstone.gemfire.cache with parameters of type InterestPolicy
SubscriptionAttributes(InterestPolicy interestPolicy)
          Creates a new SubscriptionAttributes with the given interest policy.

GemFire 6.6.3

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