GemFire 6.6.3

Interface CqResults<E>

All Superinterfaces:
Collection<E>, Iterable<E>, SelectResults<E>

public interface CqResults<E>
extends SelectResults<E>

Represents the results of a CQ query that is executed using CqQuery.executeWithInitialResults() The result will contain the instances of Struct having key and value of the region entry that satisfy the CQ query condition.

 ClientCache cache = ...
 QueryService queryService = PoolManager.find("client").getQueryService();
 CqAttributesFactory cqAf = new CqAttributesFactory();
 CqAttributes cqa = cqAf.create();
 String cqQueryStr = "SELECT * FROM /root/employees " +
   "WHERE salary > 50000";
 CqQuery cq = queryService.newCq("MyCq", cqQueryStr, cqa); 
 CqResults results = cq.executeWithInitialResults();     
 for (Object o : results.asList()) {
   Struct s = (Struct)o;
   System.out.println("key : " + s.get("key") + " value : " + s.get("value"));


See Also:
Query.execute(), CqQuery.executeWithInitialResults()

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