GemFire 6.6.3

Interface PdxUnreadFields

public interface PdxUnreadFields

Marker interface for an object that GemFire creates and returns from readUnreadFields. If you call readUnreadFields then you must also call writeUnreadFields when that object is reserialized. If you do not call writeUnreadFields but you did call readUnreadFields the unread fields will not be written.

Unread fields are those that are not explicitly read with a PdxReader readXXX method. This should only happen when a domain class has changed by adding or removing one or more fields. Unread fields will be preserved automatically (unless you turn this feature off using setPdxIgnoreUnreadFields or client setPdxIgnoreUnreadFields) but to reduce the performance and memory overhead of automatic preservation it is recommended that use readUnreadFields if possible.


GemFire 6.6.3

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