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com.gemstone.gemfire.cache.client The com.gemstone.gemfire.cache.client package provides APIs used for client connectivity and caching. 

Uses of ClientCacheFactory in com.gemstone.gemfire.cache.client

Methods in com.gemstone.gemfire.cache.client that return ClientCacheFactory
 ClientCacheFactory ClientCacheFactory.addPoolLocator(String host, int port)
          Add a locator, given its host and port, to this factory.
 ClientCacheFactory ClientCacheFactory.addPoolServer(String host, int port)
          Add a server, given its host and port, to this factory.
 ClientCacheFactory ClientCacheFactory.set(String name, String value)
          Sets a gemfire property that will be used when creating the ClientCache.
 ClientCacheFactory ClientCacheFactory.setPdxDiskStore(String diskStoreName)
          Set the disk store that is used for PDX meta data.
 ClientCacheFactory ClientCacheFactory.setPdxIgnoreUnreadFields(boolean ignore)
          Control whether pdx ignores fields that were unread during deserialization.
 ClientCacheFactory ClientCacheFactory.setPdxPersistent(boolean isPersistent)
          Control whether the type metadata for PDX objects is persisted to disk.
 ClientCacheFactory ClientCacheFactory.setPdxReadSerialized(boolean pdxReadSerialized)
          Sets the object preference to PdxInstance type.
 ClientCacheFactory ClientCacheFactory.setPdxSerializer(PdxSerializer serializer)
          Set the PDX serializer for the cache.
 ClientCacheFactory ClientCacheFactory.setPoolFreeConnectionTimeout(int connectionTimeout)
          Sets the free connection timeout for this pool.
 ClientCacheFactory ClientCacheFactory.setPoolIdleTimeout(long idleTimeout)
          Set the amount of time a connection can be idle before expiring the connection.
 ClientCacheFactory ClientCacheFactory.setPoolLoadConditioningInterval(int loadConditioningInterval)
          Sets the load conditioning interval for this pool.
 ClientCacheFactory ClientCacheFactory.setPoolMaxConnections(int maxConnections)
          Set the max number of client to server connections that the pool will create.
 ClientCacheFactory ClientCacheFactory.setPoolMinConnections(int minConnections)
          Set the minimum number of connections to keep available at all times.
 ClientCacheFactory ClientCacheFactory.setPoolMultiuserAuthentication(boolean enabled)
          If set to true then the created pool can be used by multiple users.
 ClientCacheFactory ClientCacheFactory.setPoolPingInterval(long pingInterval)
          How often to ping servers to verify that they are still alive.
 ClientCacheFactory ClientCacheFactory.setPoolPRSingleHopEnabled(boolean enabled)
          By default setPRSingleHopEnabled is true in which case the client is aware of the location of partitions on servers hosting regions with DataPolicy.PARTITION.
 ClientCacheFactory ClientCacheFactory.setPoolReadTimeout(int timeout)
          Sets the number of milliseconds to wait for a response from a server before timing out the operation and trying another server (if any are available).
 ClientCacheFactory ClientCacheFactory.setPoolRetryAttempts(int retryAttempts)
          Set the number of times to retry a request after timeout/exception.
 ClientCacheFactory ClientCacheFactory.setPoolServerGroup(String group)
          Configures the group that all servers this pool connects to must belong to.
 ClientCacheFactory ClientCacheFactory.setPoolSocketBufferSize(int bufferSize)
          Sets the socket buffer size for each connection made in this pool.
 ClientCacheFactory ClientCacheFactory.setPoolStatisticInterval(int statisticInterval)
          How often to send client statistics to the server.
 ClientCacheFactory ClientCacheFactory.setPoolSubscriptionAckInterval(int ackInterval)
          Sets the interval in milliseconds to wait before sending acknowledgements to the cache server for events received from the server subscriptions.
 ClientCacheFactory ClientCacheFactory.setPoolSubscriptionEnabled(boolean enabled)
          If set to true then the created pool will have server-to-client subscriptions enabled.
 ClientCacheFactory ClientCacheFactory.setPoolSubscriptionMessageTrackingTimeout(int messageTrackingTimeout)
          Sets the messageTrackingTimeout attribute which is the time-to-live period, in milliseconds, for subscription events the client has received from the server.
 ClientCacheFactory ClientCacheFactory.setPoolSubscriptionRedundancy(int redundancy)
          Sets the redundancy level for this pools server-to-client subscriptions.
 ClientCacheFactory ClientCacheFactory.setPoolThreadLocalConnections(boolean threadLocalConnections)
          Sets the thread local connections policy for this pool.

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