GemFire 6.6.4

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Packages that use LogWriterI18n
com.gemstone.gemfire The base package of the GemFire Java product, featuring highly concurrent distributed caching with cache event delivery, OQL querying, and remote cache administration, built using a DistributedSystem which includes a DistributedLockService
com.gemstone.gemfire.admin Provides an API for administering various GemFire components such as a GemFire distributed system, and processes that host GemFire Caches. 
com.gemstone.gemfire.cache Provides an implementation of distributed object caching that can leverage GemFire's distribution capabilities. 

Uses of LogWriterI18n in com.gemstone.gemfire

Methods in com.gemstone.gemfire that return LogWriterI18n
 LogWriterI18n LogWriter.convertToLogWriterI18n()
          A mechanism for accessing the abstraction layer used for internationalization.

Uses of LogWriterI18n in com.gemstone.gemfire.admin

Methods in com.gemstone.gemfire.admin that return LogWriterI18n
static LogWriterI18n AdminDistributedSystemFactory.getLogWriter()
          Returns a default GemFire LogWriterI18n for logging.

Uses of LogWriterI18n in com.gemstone.gemfire.cache

Methods in com.gemstone.gemfire.cache that return LogWriterI18n
 LogWriterI18n Cache.getLoggerI18n()
          Deprecated. as of 6.5 use getLogger().convertToLogWriterI18n() instead
 LogWriterI18n Cache.getSecurityLoggerI18n()
          Deprecated. as of 6.5 use getSecurityLogger().convertToLogWriterI18n() instead

GemFire 6.6.4

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