GemFire 6.6.4

Uses of Interface

Packages that use PdxReader
com.gemstone.gemfire.pdx The com.gemstone.gemfire.pdx package provides APIs used for object serialization. 

Uses of PdxReader in com.gemstone.gemfire.pdx

Methods in com.gemstone.gemfire.pdx with parameters of type PdxReader
 Object ReflectionBasedAutoSerializer.fromData(Class<?> clazz, PdxReader reader)
          Method implemented from PdxSerializer which performs object de-serialization.
 Object PdxSerializer.fromData(Class<?> clazz, PdxReader in)
          This method is given an class that should be instantiated and deserialized using the given reader.
 void PdxSerializable.fromData(PdxReader reader)
          Deserializes the PDX fields using the given reader.

GemFire 6.6.4

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