GemFire 7.0

Package com.gemstone.gemfire.cache.partition

Provides classes which operate on partitioned regions.


Interface Summary
PartitionListener A callback for partitioned regions, invoked when a partition region is created or any bucket in a partitioned region becomes primary.
PartitionMemberInfo Describes a member that has been configured to provide storage space for a partitioned region.
PartitionRebalanceInfo The detailed results of rebalancing a partitioned region.
PartitionRegionInfo Information describing the data storage and distribution of a partitioned region.

Class Summary
PartitionListenerAdapter Utility class that implements all methods in PartitionListener with empty implementations.
PartitionManager An utility class to manage partitions (aka buckets) on a Partitioned Region without requiring data (e.g. keys).
PartitionRegionHelper Utility methods for handling partitioned Regions, for example during execution of Functions on a Partitioned Region.

Exception Summary
PartitionNotAvailableException This exception is thrown when for the given fixed partition, datastore (local-max-memory > 0) is not available.

Package com.gemstone.gemfire.cache.partition Description

Provides classes which operate on partitioned regions. PartitionRegionHelper contains static methods which can be used to extract partition region specific information from a region.

GemFire 7.0

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