GemFire 7.0.1

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Packages that use AgentConfig
com.gemstone.gemfire.admin.jmx Provides administrative access to a GemFire distributed system via the Java Management Extensions (JMX). 

Uses of AgentConfig in com.gemstone.gemfire.admin.jmx

Methods in com.gemstone.gemfire.admin.jmx that return AgentConfig
static AgentConfig AgentFactory.defineAgent()
          Deprecated. Defines a "default" GemFire JMX administration agent configuration.
 AgentConfig Agent.getConfig()
          Deprecated. Returns the configuration object for this JMX Agent.

Methods in com.gemstone.gemfire.admin.jmx with parameters of type AgentConfig
static Agent AgentFactory.getAgent(AgentConfig config)
          Deprecated. Creates an unstarted GemFire JMX administration agent with the given configuration.

GemFire 7.0.1

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