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Interface MapType

All Superinterfaces:
CollectionType, DataSerializable, ObjectType, Serializable

public interface MapType
extends CollectionType

Represents the type of a Map, a collection that contains keys as well as values and maintains an association between key-value pairs. The type of the keys is obtained from the getKeyType method, and the type of the values is obtained from the getElementType method.


Nested Class Summary
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Method Summary
 StructType getEntryType()
          Return the type of the entries in this map.
 ObjectType getKeyType()
          Return the type of the keys in this type of map.
Methods inherited from interface com.gemstone.gemfire.cache.query.types.CollectionType
allowsDuplicates, getElementType, isOrdered
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getSimpleClassName, isCollectionType, isMapType, isStructType, resolveClass
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fromData, toData

Method Detail


ObjectType getKeyType()
Return the type of the keys in this type of map.

the ObjectType of the keys in this type of map.


StructType getEntryType()
Return the type of the entries in this map. In the context of the query language, the entries in a map are structs with key and value fields.

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