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com.gemstone.gemfire.distributed Provides information about, access to, and common tools for GemFire distributed systems. 

Uses of ServerLauncher.Builder in com.gemstone.gemfire.distributed

Methods in com.gemstone.gemfire.distributed that return ServerLauncher.Builder
 ServerLauncher.Builder ServerLauncher.Builder.setAssignBuckets(Boolean assignBuckets)
          Sets whether buckets should be assigned to partitioned regions in the cache upon Server start.
 ServerLauncher.Builder ServerLauncher.Builder.setCommand(ServerLauncher.Command command)
          Sets the Sever launcher command used during the invocation of the ServerLauncher
 ServerLauncher.Builder ServerLauncher.Builder.setDebug(Boolean debug)
          Sets whether the new instance of the ServerLauncher will be set to debug mode.
 ServerLauncher.Builder ServerLauncher.Builder.setDisableDefaultServer(Boolean disableDefaultServer)
          Sets a boolean value indicating whether to add a default cache when the GemFire Server comes online.
 ServerLauncher.Builder ServerLauncher.Builder.setForce(Boolean force)
          Sets the boolean value used by the Server to determine if it should overwrite the PID file if it already exists.
 ServerLauncher.Builder ServerLauncher.Builder.setHelp(Boolean help)
          Sets whether the new instance of ServerLauncher will be used to output help information for either a specific command, or for using ServerLauncher in general.
 ServerLauncher.Builder ServerLauncher.Builder.setMemberName(String memberName)
          Sets the member name of the Server in GemFire.
 ServerLauncher.Builder ServerLauncher.Builder.setPid(Integer pid)
          Sets the process ID (PID) of the running Server indicated by the user as an argument to the ServerLauncher.
 ServerLauncher.Builder ServerLauncher.Builder.setRebalance(Boolean rebalance)
          Set a boolean value indicating whether a rebalance operation on the cache should occur upon starting the GemFire server.
 ServerLauncher.Builder ServerLauncher.Builder.setRedirectOutput(Boolean redirectOutput)
          Sets whether the new instance of LocatorLauncher will redirect output to system logs when starting a Locator.
 ServerLauncher.Builder ServerLauncher.Builder.setServerBindAddress(String serverBindAddress)
          Sets the IP address to which the Server will be bound listening for and accepting cache client connections in a client/server topology.
 ServerLauncher.Builder ServerLauncher.Builder.setServerPort(Integer serverPort)
          Sets the port on which the Server will listen for and accept cache client connections in a client/server topology.
 ServerLauncher.Builder ServerLauncher.Builder.setWorkingDirectory(String workingDirectory)
          Sets the working directory in which the Server will be ran.

GemFire 7.0.1

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