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Interface AuthInitialize

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public interface AuthInitialize
extends CacheCallback

Specifies the mechanism to obtain credentials for a client or peer. It is mandatory for clients and peers when running in secure mode and an Authenticator has been configured on the server/locator side respectively. Implementations should register name of the static creation function (that returns an object of the class) as the security-peer-auth-init system property on peers and as the security-client-auth-init system property on clients.


Method Summary
 Properties getCredentials(Properties securityProps, DistributedMember server, boolean isPeer)
          Initialize with the given set of security properties and return the credentials for the peer/client as properties.
 void init(LogWriter systemLogger, LogWriter securityLogger)
          Initialize the callback for a client/peer.
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Method Detail


void init(LogWriter systemLogger,
          LogWriter securityLogger)
          throws AuthenticationFailedException
Initialize the callback for a client/peer. This is invoked when a new connection from a client/peer is created with the host.

systemLogger - LogWriter for system logs
securityLogger - LogWriter for security logs
AuthenticationFailedException - if some exception occurs during the initialization


Properties getCredentials(Properties securityProps,
                          DistributedMember server,
                          boolean isPeer)
                          throws AuthenticationFailedException
Initialize with the given set of security properties and return the credentials for the peer/client as properties. This method can modify the given set of properties. For example it may invoke external agents or even interact with the user. Normally it is expected that implementations will filter out security-* properties that are needed for credentials and return only those.

securityProps - the security properties obtained using a call to DistributedSystem.getSecurityProperties() that will be used for obtaining the credentials
server - the DistributedMember object of the server/group-coordinator to which connection is being attempted
isPeer - true when this is invoked for peer initialization and false when invoked for client initialization
the credentials to be used for the given server
AuthenticationFailedException - in case of failure to obtain the credentials

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