public interface IGemFireCache
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Interface IGemFireCache
Visual C++
public interface class IGemFireCache

The type exposes the following members.

Public Methods

Public methodClose
Terminates this object cache and releases all the local resources. If RegionService is created from CreateAuthenticatedView(Properties), then it clears user related security data.
(Inherited from IRegionService.)
Public methodGetQueryService
Get a query service object to be able to query the cache.
(Inherited from IRegionService.)
Public methodGetRegion
Returns an existing region given the full path from root, or null if no such region exists.
(Inherited from IRegionService.)
Public methodInitializeDeclarativeCache
Initializes the cache from an XML file.
Public methodRootRegions
Returns an array of root regions in the cache. This set is a snapshot and is not backed by the cache.
(Inherited from IRegionService.)

Public Properties

Public propertyDistributedSystem
Returns the distributed system used to Create()() this cache.
Public propertyIsClosed
True if this cache has been closed.
(Inherited from IRegionService.)
Public propertyName
Returns the name of this cache.

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