public sealed class EntryEvent
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public NotInheritable Class EntryEvent
Visual C++
public ref class EntryEvent sealed

The type exposes the following properties.

Public Properties

Public propertyCallbackArgument
Returns the callbackArgument passed to the method that generated this event. See the Region interface methods that take a callbackArgument parameter.
Public propertyKey
Returns the key this event describes.
Public propertyNewValue
Return the updated value from this event. If the event is a destroy or invalidate operation, then the new value will be NULL.
Public propertyOldValue
Returns 'null' if there was no value in the cache. If the prior state of the entry was invalid, or non-existent/destroyed, then the old value will be 'null'.
Public propertyRegion
Return the region this event occurred in.
Public propertyRemoteOrigin
If the event originated in a remote process, returns true.

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