IRegion TKey, TValue  PropertiesvFabric GemFire .NET Client Documentation
The IRegion TKey, TValue  type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAttributes
Returns the attributes for this region, which can be used to create a new region with [!:Cache.CreateRegion].
Public propertyAttributesMutator
Return a mutator object for changing a subset of the region attributes.
Public propertyCache
Gets the cache for this region.
Public propertyCount
Public propertyFullPath
Gets the region's full path, which can be used to get this region object with GetRegion(String).
Public propertyIsDestroyed
True if this region has been destroyed.
Public propertyIsReadOnly
This property throws NotImplementedException when called by both local and distributed region instances.
Public propertyOnlineItem TKey 
Gets or sets the element with the specified key.
(Inherited from OnlineIDictionary TKey, TValue .)
Public propertyItem TKey 
Gets or sets the element with the specified key.
Public propertyOnlineKeys (Inherited from OnlineIDictionary TKey, TValue .)
Public propertyKeys
Gets an ICollection containing the keys of the IDictionary Returns all the keys for this region. This includes keys for which the entry is invalid. For local region instance - gets collection of keys from local cache only. For distributed region instance - gets collection of keys from the Gemfire cache server.
Public propertyName
Gets the region name.
Public propertyParentRegion
Gets the parent region.
Public propertyRegionService
Gets the RegionService for this region.
Public propertyStatistics
Returns the statistics for this region.
Public propertyOnlineValues (Inherited from OnlineIDictionary TKey, TValue .)
Public propertyValues
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