SQLFire 1.0.2

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Packages that use FabricService
com.vmware.sqlfire Contains core and common utilities and functions. 

Uses of FabricService in com.vmware.sqlfire

Subinterfaces of FabricService in com.vmware.sqlfire
 interface FabricLocator
          A FabricLocator is a singleton that provides locator services in the distributed system allowing peers to discover one another.
 interface FabricServer
          A FabricServer is a singleton that allows remote clients to connect to the SQLFire cluster(distributed system).

Methods in com.vmware.sqlfire that return FabricService
static FabricService FabricServiceManager.currentFabricServiceInstance()
          Get the current instance of either FabricServer or FabricLocator.

SQLFire 1.0.2

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