SQLFire 1.0.2

Package com.vmware.sqlfire

Contains core and common utilities and functions.


Interface Summary
Attribute List of all server connection (JDBC) attributes by the system.
Constants List of SQLFire constants that is used other than Attribute and Property.
FabricLocator A FabricLocator is a singleton that provides locator services in the distributed system allowing peers to discover one another.
FabricServer A FabricServer is a singleton that allows remote clients to connect to the SQLFire cluster(distributed system).
FabricService Base interface defining common peer services provided by FabricServer and FabricLocator.
NetworkInterface Encapsulates a network listener that clients can use to connect using SQLFire JDBC client driver (URL of the form 'jdbc:sqlfire://<host>:<port>').
NetworkInterface.ConnectionListener A listener which can be registered on NetworkInterface in order to receive events about connections created or destroyed for a client on the DRDA network server.
Property List of properties that can only be listed as System Properties apart from sqlfire.

Class Summary
FabricServiceManager A factory class for returning singleton instance of either a FabricServer or FabricLocator.

Enum Summary
Constants.QueryHints Possible values of SQLFIRE-PROPERTIES property keys.
Constants.QueryHints.SizerHints SizerHint constant values which can be passed comma separated.
Constants.SecurityMechanism The security mechanism to use when starting network server to impose policy for client connections.
FabricService.State Status of the service enumerating different states the service can be in.

Package com.vmware.sqlfire Description

Contains core and common utilities and functions. Create, start, stop fabric servers.

SQLFire 1.0.2

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