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Uses of Event in com.vmware.sqlfire.callbacks

Methods in com.vmware.sqlfire.callbacks with parameters of type Event
 void EventCallback.onEvent(Event event)
          This method is invoked when the callback is fired on a table event.
 boolean AsyncEventHelper.removeEventFromFailureMap(Event event)
          After a successful event execution remove from failure map if present (i.e.
 boolean AsyncEventHelper.setParamsInBulkPreparedStatement(Event event, Event.Type evType, PreparedStatement ps, PreparedStatement prevPS, DBSynchronizer sync)
          Set the parameters to the prepared statement for a Event.Type.BULK_DML or Event.Type.BULK_INSERT operation.
 boolean AsyncEventHelper.skipFailureLogging(Event event)
          Check if logging for the same event repeatedly has to be skipped.

Method parameters in com.vmware.sqlfire.callbacks with type arguments of type Event
 boolean AsyncEventListener.processEvents(List<Event> events)
          Process the list of Events.
 boolean DBSynchronizer.processEvents(List<Event> events)

SQLFire 1.1

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