SQLFire 1.1

Class ImportBlob

  extended by com.vmware.sqlfire.internal.impl.load.ImportBlob
      extended by com.vmware.sqlfire.load.ImportBlob
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ImportBlob
extends com.vmware.sqlfire.internal.impl.load.ImportBlob

Simple Blob implementation for an array of bytes that can be used in custom overrides to Import class for SYSCS_UTIL.IMPORT_TABLE_EX/IMPORT_DATA_EX procedures.

Constructor Summary
ImportBlob(byte[] data)
          Create an import Blob object, whose value is the given byte array.
Method Summary
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Constructor Detail


public ImportBlob(byte[] data)
Create an import Blob object, whose value is the given byte array.

data - byte array that contains the blob data.

SQLFire 1.1

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