SQLFire 1.1.1

Package com.vmware.sqlfire.callbacks

Interface Summary
AsyncEventListener Interface used for implementing an event handler that is invoked asynchronously.
Event Encapsulates information about an event captured by a callback object.
EventCallback Interface used by implementations of the "CLASSNAME" given in "SYS.ADD_LISTENER" and "SYS.ATTACH_WRITER" procedures.
RowLoader This interface should be implemented by the user to insert an entire row.
TableMetaData Used to represent the meta-data information of a table, or projection of some columns of a table.

Class Summary
AsyncEventHelper Some utility methods for AsyncEventListener and WAN.
DBSynchronizer DBSynchronizer class instance persists the SQLFire operations to an external database having a JDBC driver.

Enum Summary
Event.Type Enumeration of the types of callback events.

SQLFire 1.1.1

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