Installing the VI Perl Toolkit on Windows

The Windows installer includes ActiveState’s ActivePerl® runtime and all required Perl modules and libraries. If you already have Perl installed on the target Windows system, you may be prompted to remove it. (If you don’t want to remove an existing Perl engine, consider installing the VI Perl Toolkit Virtual Appliance instead. You can also install the VI Perl Toolkit from source code .)

To install the VI Perl Toolkit using the Windows installer:

  1. Download the VI Perl Toolkit Windows installer, available on the VMware SDK downloads page:

  2. Launch the installer. A warning message about the installer’s digital signature may display. If you verified the MD5 result when you downloaded the file from VMware, you can safely disregard the warning message.

  3. Click Yes to ignore the warning message and continue with the installation.

    • If a previous version of the VI Perl Toolkit exists on the target Windows workstation, you will be prompted to uninstall it before you can proceed with the new installation. Use the Windows Add or Remove Programs control panel to remove the VI Perl Toolkit.

    • If the Windows workstation already has Perl installed, you will be prompted to remove it. The installation wizard installs ActiveState’s ActivePerl®. If you do not want to overwrite an existing Perl installation with the version of ActiveState included with VI Perl Toolkit Windows installer, cancel the installation process.

    The Welcome to the installation wizard for VMware VI Perl Toolkit displays.

  4. Click Next to continue. The Destination Folder dialog displays. You can click Change... to open a browse dialog and navigate to and select a different sub-directory for the installation rather than the default. The default location is:

    cd \Program Files\VMware\VMware VI Perl Toolkit\Perl
  5. Click Next to continue. The Ready to Install the VMware VI Perl Toolkit components dialog displays.

  6. Click Install to proceed with the installation. The process takes several minutes to complete. When the installation wizard completes, you can test the installation by running one of the sample scripts or one of the Utility Applications.

  7. Navigate to the location of the VI Perl Toolkit Utility Applications (or to the samples sub-directory) to begin using any of the provided scripts. The Utility Applications are supported by VMware; any other samples included with the VI Perl Toolkit are not supported by VMware, but can be used as starting points for writing your own scripts.

    If you accepted the defaults during installation, the paths to the Utility Applications and samples sub-directories are as follows:

    Utility Applications: C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware VI Perl Toolkit\Perl\apps
    Sample Scripts:C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware VI Perl Toolkit\Perl\samples

Uninstalling the VI Perl Toolkit

You can uninstall the VI Perl Toolkit from a Windows workstation at any time, using the Add or Remove Programs control panel.

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