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VMware Infrastructure (VI) Perl Toolkit Utility Applications Reference

The VMware Infrastructure (VI) Perl Toolkit provides a suite of ready-to-run Utility Applications for administering and managing your virtual datacenter. These VI Perl Toolkit Utility Applications, listed in Table 1 , are located in the apps sub-directories of the various product installation types, as follows:

Virtual Appliance: /usr/lib/vmware-viperl/apps
Windows Installer:C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware VI Perl Toolkit\Perl\apps

To display usage information, click the application name in the Documentation column of Table 1.

Table 1: VI Perl Toolkit Utility Applications
connect.plConnects and disconnects to a host.
dsbrowse.plBrowse datastores and list their attributes.
guestinfoLists attributes of guest and customizing some of these.
hostdiagnostics.plExtracts the specified log from the host of the virtual center.
hostevacuate.plMigrates all virtual machines from one host to another.
hostinfo Obtain information about all or specified hosts associated with a VirtualCenter datacenter.
hostopsPerform a wide range of host operations, including setting a host into maintenance mode; exiting from maintenance mode; adding a standalone host to the a VirtualCenter inventory; disconnecting and reconnecting a host to the inventory; rebooting a host; and shutting-down a host.
sharesmanagerView or change shares on a virtual machine. (Shares specify memory-reservation priority for multiple virtual machines on a server.) Using the shares utility without any parameters returns the current shares setting for the specified virtual machine. You can specify CPU, Memory (or both) parameters to change the shares values on the virtual machine.
snapshotmanagerCaptures the state of one or more virtual machines to a snapshot.
vidiscoveryDisplays hierarchy of managed entities.
vmdiskCreate a new virtual disk on a Virtual Machine.
viperformanceRetrieves performance counters from a host.
viversionDisplays all system information.
vmcloneClone and customize virtual machines and guest.
vmcontrolPerform power operations-poweron, poweroff, suspend, reset, reboot, shutdown, and standby-on a virtual machine.
vmcreateCreate virtual machines.
vminfoLists the properties of the virtual machines.
vmmigrateMigrates one or more virtual machines within the current host or from the current host to another host.
vmreconfigReconfigure a virtual machine.
vmregisterRegister a virtual machine.
vmsnapshotCaptures the state of one or more virtual machines to a snapshot.
vmtemplateCreates a template from a virtual machine.

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