NAME - Lists the properties of the virtual machines.

SYNOPSIS [options]


This VI Perl command-line utility provides an interface for displaying the specified attributes of the Virtual Machine(s) . If none are specified then the predefined parameters are displayed.




Optional. The name of the virtual machine. It will be used to select the virtual machine.


Optional. Name of the guestos of the VM machine. If e.g. Windows is given the properties of all the virtual machines having Windows as OS will be displayed.


Optional. ipaddress of the VM machine.


Optional. Name of the datacenter for the virtual machine(s). Parameters of the all the VM(s) in a particular datacenter will be displayed


Optional. Name of the resource pool of the virtual machine(s). Parameters of the all the VM(s) in the given pool will be displayed.


Optional. Name of the folder which contains the Virtual Machines


Optional. Powerstatus of the Virtual Machine. If e.g. poweron is given parameters of all the vms which are powered on will be displayed


Optional. Hostname for selecting the virtual machines. Parameters of all the vms in a particular host will be displayed.


Optional. Names of the fields whose value is to be displayed. Fields are name,numCpu,guestFullName,guestId,hostName,ipAddress,toolsStatus, memorysize,hostMemoryUsage,guestMemoryUsage,overallCpuUsage,vmPathName. If fields option is not specified then all the properties will be displayed.


Optional. Filename in which output is to be displayed. If file option is not given then output will be displayed on the console.


Displays all the attributes of guest OS on virtual machine myVM: --url https://<host>:<port>/sdk/vimService --username myuser --password mypassword --vmname myVM

Displays all the attributes of guest OS on virtual machines in folder myFolder: --url https://<host>:<port>/sdk/vimService --username myuser --password mypassword --folder myFolder

Displays specified attributes of guest OS on virtual machines in pool myPool: --url https://<host>:<port>/sdk/vimService --username myuser --password mypassword --pool myPool --fields vm_name,numCpu, guestFullName,hostName,ipAddress,toolsStatus,memorysize ,hostMemoryUsage,guestMemoryUsage

Send the output in a file --url https://<host>:<port>/sdk/vimService --username myuser --password mypassword --host myHost --out output.xml

 Sample Output
 Name:                    007
 No. of CPU(s):           1
 Memory Size:             784
 virtualdisks:            0
 vmPathName:              [storage1] 007/007.vmx
 Guest OS:                Microsoft Windows XP Professional
 Host name:     
 IP Address:    
 VMware Tools:            VMware Tools is running and the version is current
 Host memory usage:       161 MB
 Guest memory usage:      23 MB
 Cpu usage:               45 MHz


All operations work with VMware VirtualCenter 2.0.1 or later.

All operations work with VMware ESX server 3.0.1 or later.